1) I've this very bad habit of mine... Which is to bite my nails since I was young.

2) I cool down as fast as I get mad; Like I can literally get over something as quickly as 2 minutes as long as I rant it out.

3) I laugh really easily.

4) I love sweet things, especially gummy candies and percy pig!!! But I'm not a fan of chocolates... & My bubble tea has to be at 100% sugar-level.

5) I'm a total sucker for bunnies and dolphins.

6) I guess if you follow me on Insta you should know by now that I really wish to stay in Aussie. 

Gold Coast was the first place I've been to when I was age 2-3 and I've also been to Melbourne, Tasmania and Perth. Until today, I still have this warm, homely nostalgia for that place.

7) I'm a pretty sentimental and sensitive person. 

Although I'm probably notorious for how fast I can forget things in a split second, I can remember things that take place years back.
& I take things to heart, especially words from someone I care about.

8) I am extremely cranky if my sleep is disturbed for I'm a really light sleeper; particularly in the morning. So much that I might pounce on you if you try to get me to speak before I freshen up.

9) I can never stick to something for too long, I get bored really easily which explains my forever-changing lifestyle. To sum it up, I'm pretty fickle-minded.

10) I took up dance lessons for 8 years previously and I'm starting on hip hop soon.

11) I had my first crush in pre-school. Yes, judge me for all you want but I'm a little boy-crazy. :p

12) I'm terrified of animals. CATS in particular. Yes, set me up by locking me in a room filled with cats and you'll find me dead the next minute. 

The irony is, I love animals... I'm just afraid that they might bite and I don't know why ☹ It upsets me though, because I really wish to have a pet real badly.

13) When I start to get comfortable with you, I'm literally a nutcase... Which some of my friends still find it hard to accept and believe that I'm actually this retarded.

14) Usually when I'm quiet, there are only three possible reasons to it,

a) I'm observing everything that's happening around me. b) You've just said something that got me thinking. c) I'm worried about something.

15) I'm more of a tea than coffee-person. I love almost every kind of tea but duh, I still visit Starbucks for my WCM with Javachip. 

16) I find it hard to reject people because I care a lot about what they might think of me when I do.

17) I am the only child but I wish had I an elder brother.

18) I fantasise a lot. I still secretly believe in fairytales and that one day I'll meet the one of my dreams and lead a life that I yearn for.

19) I hate my height and thighs the most.

20) I'm extraordinarily competitive. 

21) I'm really impulsive and there are a lot of things that I do without even sparing an extra minute to give a second thought to. Especially when it comes to shopping. I've lost count of the number of things that I bought which I barely touched after the first time.

22) I go cray for Japanese cuisine and I love sashimi.

23) I HATE celeries and I'm pretty much a fussy eater. Hence, I usually stick to my usuals after  figuring out what I love.

24) My favourite Disney princess is Ariel.

26) The longest I took to fully recover from a heartbreak was close to 2 years.

27) My last relationship was a year back. And no, I don't think I'll be planning to get into one any time soon. I believe more in dating at my age hahaha.

28) I visit Topshop almost every time I go out. 

29) I am super anal about bad breaths, be it my own or someone else's. 

30) Last but not least, complaining, ranting and talking are probably my fortes.

Hehe hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you wanna know more facts about me lmk on twitter and I'll do a second post!