A day to remember

So after months and months of humming and hawing, one of us finally decided to make the first move by creating a Whatsapp group to fix a date on our trip to USS; Which we've spoken about way before our school hols even started. 

Yeap, that's what happens when 4 lazy people meet each other.

But before I begin, let me share with you an epic story.

Right... We'd postponed the outing twice because we couldn't come to an agreement since we had our own plans on different days. Besides, the weather over the past few weeks was like... I don't know how else to describe it, probably just like a girl when she has sudden mood swings.

Super temperamental and even the weather forecast couldn't predict the screwed up weather accurately.

Ended up, 3 out of 4 of us lost the enthusiasm about it since everyone was pretty apathetic about going. 

Then all of a sudden, Rah told us that she'd already booked the tixs and paid for them...

So yea, we all decided to make the plan work out on the third attempt since we had not much of a choice.

LOL and she had us all fooled. Truth is, she only said that just so that we'll all agree to go. Wise. I still can't believe we actually bought that. 

Ok the end of the epic story. Hahahaha

Probably the two hottest guys we've met there. We even had a debate who was hotter but to me, they both look the same. LOL.

Felt excluded because I was the only one in shoes :( Boo hoo

I love them.

This restaurant reminded me of the one in "A Cinderella Story" where Hilary Duff worked at. Don't exactly know why the weird thought.

Hi my princess.

Check out my new car ;) I wish.

As you can see, we were too immersed that we kinda... Didn't take that many pictures ooooopsie. 

But anyway, ending this post with a pic with the galz at the Ghost Child's Gala premiere the following day. 

For all of you curious creatures out there, yeaaaa I took up a small role in the movie (partially cos I can't swim :p), which was filmed last year as mentioned in one of my posts some time ago. 

Had a really great time so you guys should totally catch the movie if you've yet to! Starring Chen Hanwei, Jayley Woo and Carmen Soo :)

Here's the trailer to warm yourself up before the actual movie LOL.