What's your style?

So have you figured out whether you're the sexy, cute, sweet, classy or edgy kinda girl? Today I'm gonna share with you guys three different shops and how you can easily kick off any look with their clothes just with a twist!

Love love love this skirt bcos not only is it comfy, the skirt fits me really well!! 


When I first saw this, I went like "THIS IS A MUST HAVE." 

Red lipstick + A bodycon skirt will help you achieve a more feminine look. 

Change your lipstick colour to a rosy shade of pink along with your accessories & voil√†! Rock it off with a denim shorts and this immediately changes the look! 

Well you see how versatile it is?! 

I really love how this headband made me look x100 more "shu nu" (virtuous lady) hahaha

I really had fun picking my stuff from them!!! Ok no, actually I had a pretty hard time bcos everything was so nice and every time I thought I made up my mind, something nicer pops up. *indecisive* 

Visit their pages!!!

Shop: http://www.theoryofseven.com

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Theoryofseven

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theoryofseven
Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/Theoryofseven
Instagram: @theoryofseven

If you realize, I'm only in dresses like what...? Once in a blue moon?! But I couldn't resist getting this bcos it's just tooooo priddy!!!!!

Look at the distinctive cutouts *_* and I love the fact that the top part is really tight-fitting.

Hohoho, merry xmas -Santa's low voice-

Don't like being too girly-girl?
I wore it out along with a denim jacket and a pair of high-cut, black boots!!! 

So I've always been a fan of tanks. But one thing about the usual ones, they are pretty basic and it makes you look underdress at times! Gladly, not only is this a bodycon tank, it has designs on it as well. 

Besides, its cutting ain't like any other ordinary tanks!


Perfect fit! I can hardly find any nice denim skirts around... And kudos for it being bodycon!! Just in case if you're wondering why I prefer tight-fitting over flare, I've really thick thighs... And apparently this helps to give the illusion of "slimmer" looking thighs. 

Realize how this tank is actually reversible?! *Amazeddddd*

Since young, I'm always really fascinated by reversible outfits! It's soooooo cooooool. Plus, it's great bcos then, you'd sorta have an "extra" outfit?!

Kudos to the inventor of reversible tops!

What I like about tanks, you can make it look extremely simple for a lazy day but you can also easily turn it into a party wear just by adding on some accessories or wearing a blazer over! 

Please ignore me while I try to act cool. ke ke.

Current promos & goodies!!!
1) Storewide FREE Normal postage, Registered postage starts from $2.50
2) Complimentary Smartpac delivery for 4 items and above
3) Massive sale post! As low as $9.90!
4) Mass Meet-up will be provided before Christmas so that all customers can receive their goody in time!

GOGOGO and take a look now!!!

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I swear I'm mad in love with this dress, the cutting is wayyyy toooo sexayyye. Hahaha.

I think I'm gonna wear it for my Xmas countdown. :p

Ignore the extra daisies btw... 

Supa happy about this nude colour fringe bag!!! I think it basically goes well with anything?!

Where is my prince charming...


Geek look.

The awesome part about this bag, there are so many ways you can carry it! Handbag, sling bag, backpack!

Thank you blogshopping! I had a good time shopping :D

Pop by their shop at Far East Plaza to grab all the exclusive & pre-launch items! What's best? You can try on the spot and buy it right away!

No more waiting and hesitating bcos you're worried of not being able to pull it off!

Not awesome enough?!

Sign up for BlogShopping's memembership card at $10 for 1 year and get 10% off your first purchase, 5% all year round & 10% off your entire birthday month.

New arrivals weekly amounting to 250 pieces of clothings, shoes & bags.

Outlet: BlogShopping - Located at Far East Plaza Level 1 #01-34
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HAVE FUN GUYZZZZZ!!!!! You still have about a day more before Xmas, so hurry do your last minute shopping now! :P

Stay tuned to my next entry on how to DIY your own My Little Pony Dustcap :)