Meme It Like You Mean It

I know I've been talking a lot about Toshiba a lot lately... But I can't help it especially when there are so many things I wanna share, like my thoughts and opinions etc..

So recently, I've been seriously enthralled by all these cute and funny "memes" Toshiba had created. As in it's amazing how they actually came up with these supa interesting ideas to captivate their buyers!!! And I swear I've this habit of checking these memes out every time I log on to Facebook now.

& just in case you're not really aware of what this whole "Meme it like you mean it" thing is all about, let me share with you what's so interesting about it!

#scumbagbrain This best describes how I feel each time I wanna buy something…. :( 

Can you spot the number of memes in this #memefactory pic??? You can also generate your own memes on :D 

I hope you all enjoyed the memes from Toshiba & Intel as much as I do! For more updated memes, you can check them out at Toshiba's Facebook page here!  

Get it trending at #memeitlikeyoumeanit and share your fav memes now!!!

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