Random Thoughts.

This post is gonna be really dry and boring! I just thought I'd update a little since I haven't for the past few days. Bear with me or just look through the small amount of camwhore shots (haven't been taking much pictures recently, so I'm sorry for the lack of it!)

As much as I have to constantly remind myself that it's school the next day, I really hate Sundays! Who's in with me? :( 

My first paper for O's will be right there, in front of me... In less than 3 months... And I'm really terrified about it even though it's Mother Tongue. Since I was born my parents barely speak to me in Chinese and I never really liked this subject though it's one of my best subjects since young. Ironic.

Remembering how in Primary school, upon receiving back my paper and seeing a nightmare score of 60, it was good enough for an hour of hardcore lecture back home.

After since I stepped into my Secondary school life, I swear the amount of problems arose like nobody's business, and above that... I still had to deal with them to find time to study!

I swear it was really tough trying to cope with my studies after since I had a social life. 

"Good grades + Sleep = No social life. Good grades + Social life = No sleep. Social life + Sleep = Bad grades."

I bet half of you are aware where I'm coming from. *Sigh*
I'm always in a dilemma, forever fickle minded, forever losing determination on something I wanna do. I'm always losing interest in something after awhile, and that's probably one my worst habit. 

Well, now that I'm 16... I'm starting to have a clearer view of what I really wanna do in future, but I'm still lack of the motivation to strive towards my goal. I'm a really lazy person fyi.

My grades have always been lingering around the borderline. Never the end, never the top. Yea, I study, but not hardcore kind. Unless I'm suddenly smacked in the head by reality that it's time I wake up from my dreams and do something about my life. 

Which happens every once in awhile, but it never lasts, just like flames to dust!!!!! I really need to sort things out before it's too late and get started on it. I don't wanna end up crying my way back home next year, fretting on what to be in future... A road sweeper? That's what they always say.

I wanna write and I'm definitely hoping to be able to pursue that in future!!!! That's my dream (for now) Hope it isn't one of my temporary decisions again.

So I thought I'd like to share my two new pair of shoes I've got recently!!! I really love them. Aren't they purdy?! And I've a crazy obsession for pretty heels! Although I know Litas is hell common, but my gf said it was way tooooo  me, so I had to get it.

I've been splurging to an insane extent recently after since I've got signed and started working. I've to stop. Urgh. 

I'll share my shoe collection the next time round!!! :D

Anyway, the following part is mainly for my supporters (or friends)!

Recently, a lot of things took placed... Yea, all the trashing and bashing shit. Hopefully it's coming to an end already. I just wanna thank each and every single one of you! Be it whether you texted me, emailed me, facebook msged me, tweet to me... Whatever. I really appreciate all of your really sweet thoughts!

I swear you guys made my life so much better, I love you guys to bits! *Virtual hugs and kisses*

& Lastly, for those who are still unaware... I lost my phone!!! So I'm sorry if I didn't reply to texts and all. Cya guys again! :)