Bitchy side.

"If you judge a book by its cover, you might miss out an amazing story."

Damn. I've been so unmotivated to fill up this rusty place over the past few days. Constantly updating my personal blog instead. Oops. Didn't mean to, it's just that those stuff can't be written here... Otherwise I'd be badly judged... AGAIN.

So let me start on a common topic today... JUDGMENTS.

Apparently, whatever you do, you get judged. Whether you're pretty, ugly, fat, thin, tall, short, stupid, smart... YOU STILL FUCKING GET JUDGED. Isn't that hell annoying? Sometimes I'm so desperately urged to give the middle finger in some people's face. C'mon.... It's like, If I tell you I'm gonna shit now, are you gonna judge me too bruh?!" 


Fine you wanna judge? Go with the rules. To be applicable to judge...
1) You must be fucking perfect.
2) You HAVE TO know that person's story and should've faced what they've been through before.

DON'T QUALIFY FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE STATED? Then shut the hell up. Look at yourself, are you really that perfect? That flawless? Fact is, no one is. And I'm certainly aware of how hard it is to resist the temptation to judge some bitches, whores, retards, faggots out there in this society. But have a LIMIT to it. 

Go easy on her, stop judging her, she's already trying her best. It's not easy to fake a smile when it hurts so bad.

Yea, we all complain about how judgmental this society is but we don't realize, we ourselves, judge too. There's no wrong in judging, that's what humans do. Unless you're inhuman. It's just that you've to know where's the line, and don't cross it. Or at least keep it to yourself! The problem with people is, when they are unhappy about certain other's doings... They tweet, facebook and whatsoever shit about that person OPENLY. 

HOW DOES IT FEEL IF YOU'RE THE ONE GETTING ALL THOSE CRAP?! Especially if it's a personal grudge, like how maybe you're jealous or that person offended you in someway... So you end up saying the nastiest things about that person, bitching the hell out of your timeline. Dude, the internet doesn't only belong to you. EVERYONE SEES IT. But duh ostensibly, a handful of people just loves to publicize it deliberately for some stupid reason.

What I hate the most is, how morons judge you based on what they HEAR from people who HATES you. Pardon me if I'm rude, but are you born with a coconut brain? -_- How can you even trust their statements? You mean haters will speak good stuff about you? "Woah, I hate that bitch and she's drop dead gorgeous!!!" UMAD? I'm completely dubious about your intelligence darling.

Sometimes it's really not easy at all to keep your head held high when everybody's trying to bring you down.

I'll hand you a cent, grab a life! Stop sitting in front of your computer 24/7, 365 waiting to spot every single mistake someone does, just to bring them down. Even if you hate that person to the extreme core, across the horizon, pass the seven seas... You still appear to be hell psychotic. Then my best advice for you... Get your brain checked.

There's always more than meets the eye. Before you speak, listen. Before you assume, ask. Before you even do anything, think!.

You know sometimes, I pretend to be fine with all the nasty comments, but in reality everyone knows how bad it hurts to be insulted time and again. The pain may only last for a minute or two, but every second does counts. Receiving a bucket full of hate comments everyday is the reason why I've such low self esteem, and people are still questioning me why I'm always feeling inferior and all. Then again, they'll start to talk about how fake I am. What exactly do some people want? I am absolutely clueless.

I can't even do what I'm happy with, fear holds me back each and every single time. Ignore? C'mon, it's easier to be said than done.

You can say words won't kill. But hey dude, that's because it isn't you!

People nowadays are FORCED to be fake. Why? Majority won't appreciate us for we truly are. Let's not even bring up the issue on girls putting on make up... We're not born with an option to look great, so stop firing us with all your abusive remarks and by all means swallow it down and shit it out. K the end!

Pictures taken from Wenesday to Sunday! Can't be bothered to add on more words to this entry! Will blog again after cny vistings. ;)

Ps: Yea, it's Xiaxue!!! Hehehe. Luv her hair.

Steamboat with the usuals! ;) 

Got this little thingy on saturday, isn't it cute?! It has the ability to flash lights!

Old school Ice cream. HAHA.

Say hi to my truck loads of bunnies!!! Love bunnies.

Hahahaha, this time... Total bareness. No lenses. SEE what I mean now.....