Across that silhouette.

A smile is just like a band aid, it covers up your wounds but it might not heal your pain.

Hi guys! My exams will be ending around the mid of October, and I'll be blogging thereafter. So yes, I'm so sorry I haven't been updating frequently despite how I always promised I would... Hope you guys will still continue to tune it yea! 

Anyway, here are some pictures taken during my mom's Birthday @ USS :)

The feeling of wanting to give someone a hug, but not knowing if you should or not.

And some overdue pixs xx

So good luck to all those taking your exams which are round the corner as well! Study hard now, and play hard later!!!!! If you wanna keep yourself updated about me or still wish to read my writing, check out my twitter! @xSwaggasexydope 

xo Till then suckers!