*Note: Previous advert which I've done for the accessories for, currently all items are already OOS, so please do not make further orders. Thanks.

Gonna make it short. I know you guys are dying to know where to get Geo Contact lenses, you can get it @ Really trustworthy + get a free casing upon mentioning my name! 

Recommendations: 14.2mm Olive series (Natural look) 
All of them are able to enhance the size of your iris (depending on individuals) Anyway, just to add in, those who have been asking me which black lenses I've been wearing, it's CK105.

Recommendations: 14.8-15mm Aumora & Hue series *Creates a huge difference if you're seeking for those which enables you to boost the size of your iris, gives you the perfect doll eyed look. (I just got sponsored for these two series. Would do a review on it if there's any request, upon receiving them.) *WT-A4 & WT-A7 series, I've worn the purple and green ones respectively. Refer to my upcoming post for how it looks*