Hi ladies, interested in getting yourself a really cute handbag/sling bag/shoulder bag? Then you're definitely on the right page. Log on to right away to purchase the very trendy  and stylo milo multiway clutch! It's so cute, I have one personally and it's delivered to me really in a very short period of time, in other words, their service is really efficient. Orders are sent in on every Friday and will arrive on the following Friday as well. So why hesitate? It may be relatively higher in price but trust me, you wouldn't regret getting it. Especially if you wanna look different with the same bag. Best choice!!!! GRAB YOURS NOW!

Envelope clutches available in 5 yummy colours: 
Black, Nude, Pink, Teal Blue and Brown

@ $25.90 EACH ONLY!
Arrives right after a week when preorder ends.

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Carry it in the manner of your own preference with the new multiway-clutch! 

1) Clutch.

2) Clutch + Detachable Short Strap.

3) CLUTCH + DETACHABLE LONG STRAP (Suitable for side sling or sling.)

Description: Back view of the clutch, includes a small zip (gold) compartment. 

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