You got me tongue tied.

I'm back! I know many of you are prolly cursing and swearing at me now, bcos of how long I took to get this posted up. Anyway, I actually wanted to continue wrtg until I thought maybe I should separate the entries instead. So, this is PART ONEEEE. I'll post the next part with more pixs later!

"We must free up these tired souls before the sadness gets us both" 

I've been wasting the efforts of those people who planted trees, and ruining their fruits of labour terribly in an unintentional manner. Alright, sympathy should be given to them for having people like me on this planet who catches a cold damn frequently and would prolly use up almost an entire box of tissue for each day of the torment. I've just over-elaborated how bad my flu was. And yes, I'm gonna stress it again, how BAD my FLU was. It's so very annoying. Cos I sound like an idiot with some shit stuck in the throat and it seems as if I'm crying on the phone due to the fact that I kept sniffing like I was trying to smell the cell while talking. And yea, I know it's likely that I've just wasted about 2mins of your life reading and trying to assimilate spurts of my anger. AIYA, I FEEL LIKE CHOPPING OFF MY NOSE. Okay, I take back my words, I don't want to breathe from my mouth and look like an alien.

Okay, I feel like being random for a sec: I ♥ Percy Pig Candies. He he.

"It's all about giving it's not about winning the game" 

Well, I've always been carping about how warm N humid S'pore was until I was made to face with approximately 9degrees for 10 freakin' days. Which is why I now realize that human beings tend to be very contradicting. Frankly, it's pretty terrible having to freeze there till the extent that I've never had a chance to stop feeling urgent (to go to the ladies) or could just stop my irritating stomach from calling me. This happens like few hours on intervals. God, I was hell worried I might gain extra pounds when I return. And oh mommy, it acted as a reminder for me to bring along thicker clothes if I ever go to some places like this again (Hopefully not, cos I dislike the fact that I look as I've been wearing the same clothes everyday in my pixs, bcos it's impractical to bring too many coats for a short trip) 

When I was there, the weather was literally trying to tear my skin apart (It was frigid and dry; I nearly forgotten how it was like to perspire) Zits begin to pop out (Glad they'r gone now) fml. Inadequate amount of sleep. Anyway, the weather alone could have brought forward the day of my death and above that, it still rained occasionally. What's worse than a sudden downpour that attacks your hair and make up, girls?! (Ok not that bad as I only had eyeliner -waterproof- and my falsies on -it managed to stay in place despite the rain-... Hehe) But we didn't have any umbrellas, fml again. 

I was seating by the window in the plane and seriously I hate the fact that it was supa troublesome whenever I wanted to get on the aisle for the ladies. Moreover, there happened to be a supa weird lady seating diagonally across from where I was (I still remember how she looked vividly) She looked so woebegone that it kinda freaks me out. *Refrained from looking staring for the rest of the journey* Reached the airport - Headed to Yotsuya for our stay.

Tokyo Part 1.

Things about Jap. The things there were fucking expensive la!!! (Except for some places.) I personally felt that the people there had a very high standard of living. Everything was so high-tech and it seems like money wasn't a headache to the majority there. On the surface, all of them looked to filthy rich to me. (Or maybe it's because their notes had more value) Fyi, it's not something to be fascinated about if you see at least 10 people bringing their pet dogs (Even the dogs there had supa kawaii dressing) for shopping. Obviously, the small but expensive ones. Like Poodles, Chihuahua, Yorkshires etc. Kewl. I think it was more common than having a baby in their arms. 

The services there were extremely efficient as well. Take for instance, nearly every single MRT station there has at least one mini mart or vending machine located right at the place where you wait for trains. I'm so jealous, because they are allowed to consume their f&b in the train station and yet, the place was as clean as whistle. So awesome right?!!?!?! So you can ease your mind if you are those kind who are afraid you might suffer from dehydration or a famine, as long as you have a few pennies in your pocket... Furthermore, none of the f&b there were disgusting, even their frozen food was as good as what you eat in stores most of the time. (Except for the coffee, YUCK)

But I guess the government in SG just have low confidence in the citizens (even when the country itself is so tiny) *Roll eyes* Bcos just so you know, people like me, likes to throw sweet wrappers on the ground as I'm too lazy to search for a bin. OOPS. Oh ya, not forgetting to mention one particular thing that I thought was kinda unique; Cigarettes were sold in vending machines. And if I'm not wrong, there isn't an age limit to it. It's like \m/ for those who smokes... PS: I don't. I just thought it was pretty interesting. However, that might act like some form of bad encouragement to young people, or who knows, the underage teens there are more sensible? After all, who wants to die earlier. One word to describe the systems there, SUPERB. 

People in Jap. OMFGGGG, I just can't stop loving the people there!!! They are so awesomely awesome! Two things I must must must compliment about the majority. They are so polite and so considerate. (I think the majority in Sg would just be the opposite of it.) I know since recently I've been criticizing a lot about the people here, when I'm also a Singaporean myself. Well, it's bcos I've seen the true beauty of how others were like in another countries and it amazes me. (K, maybe I'm being a little prejudiced here, but I'm just speaking about the majority yea.)

In Jap, everybody queues up even when they board the train. They don't push and dash in. They keep their volumes as low as possible in the train, which already proves how considerate they are. On top of that, they switch their phones silent, and they desists from talking on the phone as well. Additionally, every single person lines up on the left on the escalator to allow others who are rushing to get pass. (I know these rule applies in many other countries as well, but how many sticks to it?!) Seriously, how did these people managed to possess such good habits in them?

The food in Jap. Okay nothing much to mention about the food actually. It's just simply authentic, yumyum and... Aiya, just too good for any critics. Now that I know what genuine Ramens are like, it turns me off with the fake ones elsewhere (Which mostly claims it's genuine) Bull shittttt. Now you know, most entrepreneurs (those who does sales) are really dishonest. By the 10th day, I had uncountable amount of blisters, a look of a Panda, and an innumerable amount of pixs!!!! OK, time to flood your comp with pixs!!! -More to come in the following post-

The place where we had breakfast on the first day. Nearby our place. *Had problems communicating with the waitress. Gee, I hate that part.
Here we are, at the place where the Emperor lives or something.

Look at these Jimmy Choo boots, aren't they gorgeous? I bet I'll never be able to afford it. Aw man, oh lord, yea jesus. I just confessed how poor I am. Muahahaha. 

Stop staring at me if you're thinking why am I sucha glutton. Not all the food are mine!!! They just so happen to fit into the pix. He he.
My hair look so cui here. Sobs.

Okay, I know I look like a kid with that leopard-printed-mickey-mouse thingy on my head. But you will be amazed by the fact that it's as common as wearing your bra out, ladies
Look at the girls camwhoring beside mom and I... He he. Girls girls girls.
Sadly, the rides weren't as naise as I expected em' to be. 
HAHA, I took this bcos of the bunny up there on the lamppost. LOL.
Perambulator sales? Nah, that's what the guardians do when they go for a ride. PS: Of course they don't leave their kids there. But look at the mutual trust they share among strangers.
Parade time!!! *Yayness.*

LOOK! It's Miss Bunny & Thumper! -Excited- (Quickly takes out camera and starts snapping like a paparazzi.)  

Everything looked really pretty. I missed that night most. 

"When you dislike someone, all you'd do is to magnify that person's weakness. When you love someone, even the largest flaw appears to be invisible to you. It's just a matter of being prejudice."